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onTRACK Groups | Business Masterminding in Stamford & Peterborough



Running A business can be tough

Being part of a group of like-minded people means you don’t have to do it alone.

why masterminding

Joining a masterminding group has proven to help support small business owners to develop, grow and improve their business.


Group members are passionate about each others businesses, eager to support and motivate others to do well in their business, and life. This support network isn’t found anywhere else.


Each person brings in their own individual experiences, expanding your network of business advisors. By collaborating together, you will overcome any hurdles that you face.


Each month you will set yourself actions to complete by the next session. Everyone is accountable for their actions, but the group is there to support you and keep you onTRACK.

Like-minded People

onTRACK provides you with an opportunity to spend a few hours a month on your business with a group of like-minded people who all own and run their own businessses.

New Learning

You will learn things you have never known or thought of before. You will learn from other peoples stories, allowing you to make more informed business decisions based on others’ experiences.

Business Growth

All of our members have seen significant business growth after being part of an onTRACK group. onTRACK helps you remain focused on your business and commited to improving it month-on-month.

About ontrack

onTRACK is not a networking group. It is a cost-effective strategic collaboration of business owners who strive to do better with their business. The aim of onTRACK is to provide individuals with a confidential and secure environment to discuss any element of their business.  This includes: financial aspects, exploring different marketing or growth strategies, how to deal with personal stresses that can come from running a business. The advice you receive allows you to improve your business and personal growth.

what our members say

“I started ONTRACK at a time where my business was failing and I was looking at going back into employment. I almost didn’t turn up to my first session, however I am so thankful and pleased that I did. Everyone was extremely encouraging and supportive and really made me think about what was best for me and gave me the motivation to continue. Over the next few sessions my business completely transformed and I was able to realign my offering and improve my focus. For anyone questioning where to go next, or just feels they would benefit from additional support, I couldn’t recommend ONTRACK enough.” Group Member

Ready to start taking back control of your business?